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Merry Christmas!!!

December 2010

In June 2009, I built a pond in my backyard for turtles. It took one week of very hard work. Since then I just feed the turtles and water the plants. The filter should not need cleaning more than once per summer (if people don't sneak too many turtles into the pond).

The TOTAL cost of this pond, which includes the fence, liner, filter, pump, rocks, turtles, etc. was under 500 dollars. I was fortunate to have been given a large piece of EPDM liner that kept the cost down, but I still think this project can be done for under $1000. This pond is 3'6" at its deepest, and holds about 600 gallons of water. The overall enclosure is roughly 14'x17'.

Get out there and dig your pond! It doesn't take a genius and I am proof of that.

It's essentially a goldfish pond with a turtle-proof fence around it. If this same project were done for Koi I would suggest a MUCH better filtration system and much larger pond, remember those Koi get 3 feet long.

This pond could support, as I said, goldfish or some native fish like bluegills and small catfish (bullheads), frogs, and who knows, maybe a pair of small ducks if you live somewhere where that is allowed. Within a day of adding water, I saw dragonflies and hummingbirds visit the pond, and now many birds use the pond stream to drink.

It's a turtle pond and more.

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